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NWGP - What we do . . .

The general purpose of the Partnership has been explained on the home page.

Our key objectives in the North West are:

1. To promote, facilitate and review the delivery in NW England of:

  • The Local Geodiversity Action Plans and the forthcoming National Geodiversity Strategy
  • The LGAPs objectives and targets
  • To provide advice to regional planning and development agencies and decision-makers in    relation to geodiversity priorities, targets, indicators, and on policies and practical action.
  • To promote geodiversity as a key constituent of sustainable development together with the contribution it makes to the economic future of the North West and added value for people.
  •  To promote and facilitate partnership working for geodiversity delivery.
  • To act as a focus for geodiversity expertise in the region.
  • To actively seek resources to enable us to carry out these tasks effectively and efficiently.

The framework within which we work includes:

  • All partner organisations are independent and come together to focus efforts on our objectives. At the regional strategic level we seek to be the adviser to the Regional Assembly, the Regional Development Agency and Government Office on geodiversity.
  • We provide a regional framework for Local Geodiversity Action Plans.
Last update:
Wednesday 5th February 2014
Northwest Geodiversity Partnership