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The North West Geodiversity Partnership is one of a number of English regional partnerships set up in the wake of a series of workshops organised by UKRIGS and the Geology Trusts in the autumn of 2007.

The creation of a regional level of geoconservation was partly a response to the growing regionalism in local government and partly to create a network of mutual support for the largely voluntary organisations – RIGS groups and Geology Trusts – which are actually engaged in most of the hands-on business of geoconservation across the country. In addition, there was a perceived need to bolster the process of raising and standardising working methods which regional partnerships would promote by aiding inter-group working and communication.

GeoLancashire Arnside and Silverdale AONB Cheshire RIGS Group Cumbria RIGS Group

The membership of partnerships varies around the country but in most cases local geoconservation groups form the core membership. This is the case in the North West where the current members of the steering body consists of:

Natural England British Geological Survey Greater Manchester Geological Unit GeoLancashire

It is expected that this group will grow slightly but more importantly be supplemented by a wider, second, tier of stakeholders including, for instance:

  • Lancashire and Cheshire Wildlife Trusts
  • County/Unitary Councils
  • United Utilities plc
  • Lake District National Park
  • Other AONBs
  • Liverpool Geological Society
  • Manchester Geological Association
  • The Geologists’ Association
  • The National Trust

These would be drawn into the work of the Partnership as required by current projects.

“The North West Region Geodiversity Partnership is a forum of public, private and voluntary organisations working together at the regional level to conserve and enhance the Geodiversity of the North West for landscape, geological features and people with particular reference to geotourism and education.”

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Wednesday 5th February 2014
Northwest Geodiversity Partnership